Mar 27 2012

Sexy Zodiac Matchmaker Lite

Description: If you’ve ever wondered how compatible you and your lover, or current crush are together, Sexy Zodiac Matchmaker is the best app for viewing the most accurate information about the success of your relationship!

Simply enter your astrological sign, gender and your sexual preference. Then you can either let the Matchmaker work its magic to find your best zodiac matches or simply choose a specific sign to see the compatibility between you and your partner or crush.

On the results page, you can view the relationship compatibility of the pair, including:
• Love rating
• Sex rating
• Pros and Cons
• Perfect sex position
• and much more!

Another cool feature is the child compatibility, where couples planning to start a family can view the most compatible children they can have, and a brief description on what to expect if they have a child under a certain sign!

And the fun part is, you can even view your and your partner’s best celebrity matches, so if you ever get the chance to meet any of them, you may have a shot!

Love is in the stars!

Cost: Free

Developer: Stage 5 Technology

Sexy Zodiac Matchmaker is a very detailed Zodiac sign matching app. Sexy Zodiac Matchmaker gives you suggestions on everything from relationship, celebrity matches, to sex styles and more. Sexy Zodiac Matchmaker gives detailed descriptions of matches and how to go about those matches.

If you’re into all that Zodiac theory, be sure to check out Sexy Zodiac Matchmaker.

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