Jul 23 2011

Matrodroid Bikini

Description: If you’re tired of the puzzles, but you want to get a hot reward for winning, then MatroDroid Bikini is for you!
MatroDroid is a logic game, easy to use and, thus, very exciting.
Game rules are very simple. Opponents take turns one after another. One walks on the horizontal, the second – vertically. The pink matrix cells are positive numbers and the grey – negative. The player must choose any non-blank cell in its row / column respectively, thus adding to their points the number in the cell. The game ends when any of the players can not make a move. The winner is the one who gathers the most points.
The sense becomes much clearer during the game, so just start!
When you win the level, you’ll see real hot photo, which you can see at any moment of sadness or grief. 😉
No porn, no sex, no nudity. Only soft erotica, only bikini!

Version: 1.2

Cost: Free

Developer: Digital Fun Factory

Feeling dumber from looking at bikini pictures all day? Why don’t you try exercising your brain with the reward of bikini pictures?

Matrodroid Bikini melds a difficult numbers game with bikini pictures. Matroidroid Bikini is challenging. You have to beat 8 different puzzles before you can reveal the complete picture. It’s a lot of time and work to reveal one picture. There’s a slew of pictures to reveal. Become a smart perv. Try Matrodroid Bikini!

Download Here

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