Aug 15 2012

Bikini Hunter

Description: Fishing sexy girls’ bikinis! Enjoy this fun and flirty game(not a porn game).

Do you like the bikinis those Sexy girls wear on beach?
You can now fish their bikinis with a fishing pole.
Enjoy this fun and flirty game(not a porn game).

Bikini Hunter allows you to do anything on that beach, without boundaries. Use your pole to fish and hook those sexy girls’ bikinis! But be careful of the not-so-gentle boys, hooking their shorts might agitate them. Come on and explore the game, where you can fulfill all your fantasies that could not be carried out in real life.

Bikini Hunter contains all kinds of sexy girls wearing various bikinis, and tools you can use:

– Puppies can fetch a pretty lady’s bikini for you
– Beers can distract the annoying boys, and left yourself with all the sexy girls in bikini
– The powerful vacuum can suck all bikinis from the girls at once

This game does not include any mature subject matter and nudity materials, however, please do not imitate this game in real life.

More sexy girls, bikinis and tools will be updated.

Cost: Free

Developer: ToBe Games

Bikini Hunter is a fun little game where you try and unhook and collect bra’s from the females while avoiding the fellas.

Bikini Hunter isn’t a complicated game, nor is it a detailed game. It will provide a few minutes of entertainment and laughs though.

Don’t expect any nudity.

Download Here From Google Play

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