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I’m not writing reviews anymore, but if you would like to submit a post about your app on this site, you can submit your own post in the form below.

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It will be published as long as it follows the guidelines below

  • Focused on Android apps, software, hardware, or news
  • 100% unique
  • Excellent English grammar
  • Must be well written and informative
  • Max 1 link in the Author Byline
  • Links can be introduced in the body if they are relevant to the post
  • Have a download link for your app included in the post
  • Provide an image for your app

I’ve been getting quite a few submissions that do not follow the guidelines and they get automatically deleted. Try to put a little effort into your posts! Don’t just post 1 or 2 sentences descriptions of your app. Make sure you follow the guidelines. If you don’t follow guidelines, your submission will not be posted!


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