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If you would like to request a review, fill out the form below with either a link to your app on Google Play or send us your .apk file and we’ll try to take a look at it. We may not write a review for it, but at the minimum, we’ll send out a Tweet about it that’s linked to our Facebook page. Subscribe to a feed or like on the Facebook fan page to be notified if your review has been posted.

We are not reviewing games anymore. But if you email your own review, we may post your review.

We won’t guarantee a positive review but at least you’ll have another outlet for your app. And it’s FREE!  How can you beat that?  We’d like to request if you do get a positive review that you spread the word of the review with a link.

We are also accepting guest posts. If you would like to guest post about your app or anything else Android related, please send an inquiry using this form.


If you would like to advertise with us to feature your app on every page, we offer some very reasonable pricing options. Please refer to the advertising information page.


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