Jun 21 2013

Say Goodbye To Baggy Clothes Forever With These Amazing Android Fitness Apps!

Share it now! Many of us pile on a few pounds during the winter months, and a few more in the springtime! It’s easy to hide this excess baggage by choosing to wear a pair of loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and an even baggier top. But what happens when the temperature is cranked up and your buddies are all wearing revealing outfits? Well you are faced with two choices: Hibernate Get Fit Hopefully you will choose the second option, or otherwise you’ll soon become the invisible person once more. Well, those clever fellows over at Android have some brilliant little […]

Jun 21 2013

How iOS 7 is Going to Sweat Its Rivals


Share it now! In a much publicized developers conference 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the next version of iOS with an unpredicted iTunes Radio. This news is spreading like a forest fire across multiple business channels and the traditional and business circles of electronics world has started analyzing the possible prospects of these latest incomings from Cupertino based electronics giant. On looking from analytical point of view, there are five key business organizations: Samsung-the long time rival, Microsoft-the traditional rival, Google-the unconventional rival, and Spotify-Pandora-the possible rival. These companies may face the positive or negative impact of these launches. […]

Jun 20 2013

Help, I’ve Wrecked My Car! Four Apps To Guide You Through The Process

Share it now! When an auto-mobile accident occurs, the resulting force, trauma and shock of the event often leaves drivers feeling scatterbrained. In the moments following an accident, being sure to record, document and evaluate what happened can make the different between an amicable resolution and a lengthy court case. Thankfully, elements of technology are assisting us when our memory seems to fail, and the proliferation of this technology in mobile devices is a welcomed change. In the following article, we’ll be discussing four applications for smartphones that can keep us on-track and in control following an auto accident. Help […]

Jun 18 2013

Contacts Dialer

Contact Dialer 1

Share it now!“Contacts Dialer” by SogoApps enables speed dialing by using just one click on the contact picture. The speed dial option was originally intended to shorten the process but sometimes we forget who is designated with each number. With Contacts Dialer, there is no need to try and remember who owns which number. You can call who you want with only one click on a picture. “In the past, the necessity of Technology made ​​us call a phone number, [each man was represented by a number, like prison], now with the advancement of technology, we can change our thinking […]

Jun 18 2013

5 antivirus for Android and safety tips

Share it now!Although iOS led the way, Android has become the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide, and in some countries the gap with its competitors, iOS or Windows Phone, is overwhelming. That popularity also happened to Windows when it became the more common PC operating system, however nowadays virus writers have begun to focus on Android and they have come up with all sorts of malware and spam. Today a large number of major antivirus brands have switched to Android, and in this article we will suggestion you some of them. Although there is the perennial debate over […]

Jun 18 2013

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums With These Four Android Fitness Apps

Share it now!In recent years, many insurance providers have moved toward models that encourage their policy holders to be in better shape. One of the ways in which this is being accomplished is through the implementation of programs that provide discounts on premiums for those who are in demonstrably good health. Through the use of lifestyle coaches and regular physical examinations, these actions are saving consumers hundreds of dollars per year on health insurance. Fortunately, you can have your own lifestyle coach in the palm of your hand, thanks to technology. Below, we’ll be evaluating four Android applications that can […]

Jun 17 2013

Skills Needed To Develop Android Apps

Share it now!Android is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used platform for app development. Google Play, which is Android’s App Store, has numerous applications that are intended to create an exciting experience for every user. There are great benefits that are associated with app creation, and one lucky lot from all these is the one that comprises of app developers. These creative professionals have been able to earn revenue from apps. Some of them earn from paid apps, while others earn from free apps. The revenue from paid apps comes from the end users, while the revenue from free […]

Jun 17 2013

The Age Old Problem Of Acne Amongst Both Teenagers And Adults – Common Acne Myths Revealed!

Share it now! The FTC has had a huge crackdown on the number of curing acne-related products sold in the marketplace. There has been further problems created by certain iPhone and Android apps and the developers of these apps could find themselves in trouble. However, there is one such app has managed to be well received by both users and government departments alike. Common Acne Myths The Common Acne Myths app has been specifically designed to dispel many of the myths about acne. Therefore, it is not much of a cure, but more of an information and advice app. Acne […]

Jun 17 2013

Before You Decide To Hire A Designer Why Not Check Out “Mark On Call” Directly From Your IPhone

Share it now! “Mark on Call” is a fantastic iPhone app that has been created for both interior designers and consumers. The app allows you to plan out both designs and spaces within your home and you even have the option to add custom skins to furniture, floors and countertops around your home. This should give you a great idea of what designs will or will not work for you. Mark on Call The app was created by Mark Lewison specifically for design professionals and their clients. It helps you to plan out the different designs you would want in […]

Jun 15 2013

Save Yourself Traffic Headaches With These Four Apps

Share it now! Whether you live in a densely urban area or have to commute a long distance on a regular basis, traffic most likely manifests in your driving experiences from time to time. For the longest, avoiding traffic consisted of guessing where the majority of people would be driving at select hours and avoiding those routes in order to evade gridlock. These days, though, technology is assisting drivers in making smart decisions about which routes to take and when a detour is a better option. Below, you will find descriptions and features of four mobile applications that are assisting […]

Jun 14 2013

The Myths About The Internet Services We Use Every Day That Appear In TV And Movies

Share it now! Computers and the internet are such a common part of everyday life now that it is no surprise that they serve as important plot devices in so many TV shows and movies. However, it sometimes seems that the writers are actually quite unfamiliar with the subject matter, to the degree where the average tech savvy eight year old can spot the flaws. Here are two of the most common – and most annoying – ideas perpetrated in the entertainment industry about two of the most commonly used services on the web – Google and YouTube. Google Sometimes […]

Jun 14 2013

Battery Saver 2X FREE

Battery Saver 2

Description:Battery Saver is geared with many features such as,
- Remaining time for each activity with battery indicator
- Save battery power with simple one-touch navigation
- Clean memory with one-touch optimizer button
- App uninstaller to save battery
- Battery Charge Alert

Cost: Free

Developer: Fast & Easy Tools

Jun 14 2013

Four Apps That Make Garden Design And Planning Simple

Share it now!With summer now upon us, more and more homeowners are venturing out into their backyards and considering a variety of outdoor landscaping ideas and activities. One of the most popular ways to brighten up any area is by creating a garden: not only will it add appeal to your backyard, but it will also furnish healthy food for you and your family to enjoy. Like most things these days, technology has influenced the way in which we plan and handle gardening. In the following article, we will discuss four mobile applications that are empowering users to embrace their […]

Jun 13 2013

Get The Most Out Of The Marketing Perks That Come With Your Web Hosting Package – Even When Your Site Isn’t Monetized

Share it now! Getting a web hosting package for your new blog is generally a good idea. While you can host blogs for free with things like WordPress and Blogger, this doesn’t allow you to have your own domain and can look a bit amateurish. Web hosting, to the extent you need for a personal blog, an affiliate marketing blog or a blog for a certain niche, doesn’t need to cost more than a few dollars a month; you often get a lot of interesting and helpful perks that can help you make your site better. These perks generally include […]

Jun 13 2013

Top 7 Hotel Booking Android Apps this summer


Share it now!Traveling involves planning, especially when booking your accommodation. As summer approaches, it became particularly hard to book tickets and hotel reservations. But what can a traveler do when he needs a last-minute hotel booking? Mobile apps can be your answer. In this post, we’re about to present 7 best apps you must install on your mobile device before leaving for a vacation. Take note that these Android apps will work wherever you may be through Trip Planner, a global scheme from Verizon that will right service you need for a specific country. 1. Choice Hotels – Book Now! […]

Jun 13 2013

These Four Apps Will Help Make Selecting New Flooring Effortless

Share it now! Whether you have just purchased a new home or have been under the same roof for years, there are a number of reasons why people consider new flooring. In many cases, years of wear and tear can destroy carpets, tile and hardwood, which reduces its appeal and potential amenity when and if the home is ever sold. Other times, a poor choice relating to style may need to be rectified by a new owner. Whatever the motivation, finding the basic information you need to accomplish such a task is now easier than ever. Below, we will discuss […]

Jun 12 2013

Top 5 Best Selling Android Games

Share it now!Well, games have been a great source behind the success of android. People have really enjoyed playing games on their portable devices i.e. smartphones. The quality of games is up to the level of iOS games, people love to play new games when they hit the Googleplay store. There are thousands of games available but not all of them are free. The quality of these games is superb and game play techniques are awesome. Hundreds of games have been even listed as addictive games. If you too like playing games on your android smartphone then you must try […]

Jun 12 2013

The Top Every Day Uses Of ‘The Cloud’ That Can Make Life Easier Right Now

Share it now!The cloud is a very exciting technology that a lot of people still don’t really know what to make of. While we all recognize that the cloud is something we can use to make our lives easier and improve our workflow, many of us also find the idea of storing files somewhere other than on our computers a little bit daunting. If you have been putting off using the cloud then because you find it intimidating, it’s time to change your thinking and start making use of its many advantages and functions. Here we will look at some […]

Jun 12 2013

Four Must-Have Apps For The HVAC Professional

Share it now! In our world of modern convenience and technology, the role that HVAC technicians play has become increasingly larger and needed. Virtually non-existent 100 years ago, this profession revolves around the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. With so much of our daily life consisting of indoor activities, having climate-controlled sustainability is essential for most homes and offices. If you are a HVAC technician and wish to be more connected with all technology has to offer for your occupation, then continue reading to find out about four great mobile apps that can assist […]

Jun 11 2013

The Most Important Aspect Of Moving Home For The Geek At Heart – Never Go Anywhere Without Your Wi-Fi

Share it now!When it comes to moving home, typically the before and during part is the most stressful. You have to pack away your worldly goods into numerous labelled boxes, which generally can take weeks and weeks. Then you have the worry about whether your possessions are being transported in a safe manner and will arrive at their destination in one piece. However, one part of the moving process that can be equally as worrying (that no-one ever really considers) is transferring your utilities to your new address, including the one thing you can never be without – internet! Wi-Fi […]