Sep 15 2013

Benefits Of Cross-Platform App Development

Most used Mac apps

Share it now!App developers today need to carefully consider the platforms they target and the opportunities that come with each platform. It is much more common these days to focus on one platform first and then move on to the others. Developing your app to be compatible cross-platform is really important and has many advantages to it. Here are some of the best benefits of cross-platform app development that should make you consider it when you are creating an app. Easier To Get Into It might sound a bit odd but developing cross-platform apps can actually be much easier than […]

Sep 13 2013

4 Amazing Apps That Make Home Decorating Easy


Share it now!Decorating a home is a task that often comes with its own rewards; nothing is quite as satisfying as creating the ideal home. Unfortunately, this is usually easier said than done if one does not have a clear picture of the completed room and the proper tools to get the job done. The following apps are just what every home decorator needs; the handy tools ensuring anyone can transform a humble house into the perfect home. ColorSmart Nothing brings a room together quite like the right color scheme, but successfully envisioning the finished room in the selected colors […]

Sep 11 2013

The Top Chat Apps Of The Week

WhatsApp application

Share it now!When it comes to phone applications, chat apps can constitute an interesting way to have fun and meet new people. Chat applications are extremely easy to install and you can use them wherever you are, no matter you are home, in a public location, at school or anywhere else. You do not need to be at home using your personal computer or laptop in order to have fun and you can read the latest news and updates regarding the topics and domains you are interested in. There are many chat applications available to download and install, but not […]

Sep 11 2013

Are Android Fashion Apps The Answer To Your Style Dilemma?

Share it now!  If you have a taste for stylish clothes and accessories, you probably spend many an hour at your local retail mall visiting the shops on offer. As well as being a nice experience, you can often find the odd gem hiding in the recesses of these outlets. But don’t you occasionally get fed up of the stuck up attitude displayed by the precious shop assistants? How about trying out a new and fresh approach to this enjoyable interest? The Android Market has a myriad of cool fashion apps that are only too happy to offer their help […]

Sep 10 2013

The New Social Kid On The Block: ‘Voxle – local social network’


Share it now!Social networking is here to stay. There was a time when if one wanted to socially network with his/her peers, they had to physically go to land based meeting points. This still exists today, but technology has gone ahead and made it much easier for people with busy lives to still meet and socialize locally. Enter ‘Voxle – local social network’. This new Android app is the next best thing as far as social networking is concerned. It is simple to use, easy to instal and absolutely secure. You retain complete control of the information you share. What […]

Sep 09 2013

Why These 5 Android Apps Are The Most Installed

my android apps menu #5

Share it now!Android devices are among the high-tech and trendy innovations of today. The mobile phone experience has just gotten better with the creation of android apps. This handy device can perform numerous tasks, thanks to applications. Of course desktops, laptops and net books can perform more than what android phones can do. The 1st one, however, cannot be brought along anywhere. The other two can be bulky and heavy. Android mobile devices, with the creation of applications, may have some limitations yet is capable of various functions. Google Play has been generous enough to offer a wide array of […]

Sep 09 2013

Don’t Lose It – Home Remedy Apps For Hair Loss Prevention

Share it now! One of the most common and frustrating parts of ageing is the inevitable hair loss that presents itself. If you have lost hair recently and do not know where to turn, then you are in luck – unlike the vast majority of humans who came before you. For the longest time, hair loss was something that simply had to be tolerated, but this is no longer the case. Technology has made it possible to treat many of the underlying conditions of hair loss while also offering unprecedented amounts of information for those who need hair loss remedies. […]

Sep 07 2013

Throw Away That Can Of Fly Spray And Unleash Your Mighty Android Smartphone!

Share it now!There must be some point in flies and other bugs existing, but many of us would rather overlook that fact. Many of them just seem to be here to annoy the hell out of us, and they do this with some aplomb. Some people have been so fed up of these buzzing critters that they have moved to colder climes. Perhaps that is a little drastic, but we can really feel their pain. So what can you do when it seems that these insects and rodents are dictating the way we live?  Long gone are the days when […]

Sep 06 2013

Mobile Ad Network Millennial Media Acquires Jumptap In ‘Predominantly Stock’ Deal

Share it now!Mobile Advertising is definitely becoming big business. In 2012 eMarketer reported that the global mobile advertising spend managed to reach a whopping $8.8 billion with Google providing around $4.6 billion of that total alone. eMarketer has also predicted that by the end of 2013 that total will reach an impressive $15.8 billion. In recent news, Millennial Media seems to be quickly climbing to the top of that table now they’ve acquired Jumptap, another rather large mobile advertising network, in what’s been described as a predominantly stock transaction. What this means is that Millennial Media has almost doubled the […]

Sep 06 2013

Five Apps That Will Help You Lose Fat

Share it now! With technology constantly changing and expanding what it can do for us, it just makes sense that one of its benefits would be helping us with diet and exercise. Here are five of the best apps for getting yourself moving. MyFitnessPal MyFitnessPal is as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. Instead of specializing in nutrition or exercise, this app gives you a great overlay of both. There is a huge database of foods, both brand name and generic, which makes it easy to keep track of what you eat. The exercises are also pretty numerous, and MyFitnessPal […]

Sep 04 2013

6 Awesome Cupcake Apps Which Should Be Downloaded NOW


Share it now!Cupcake is true, undying love. It doesn’t betray you, doesn’t break your trust. You think about eating one all the time, if a cupcake is not near you, the yearning for it increases by larger measures. So what does one do when he/she is not within a mile of their favourite cupcake? Well, they download cupcake apps! So for you cupcake freaks (lovers, actually), here is a list of the best apps you will find on your iPhone: iCupcake: This fun app helps you build a cupcake, on the phone and lets you share your magical creation with […]

Sep 02 2013

4 Great Smartphone Apps For Fitness And Health

Share it now!Technology might just be the answer people need to overcome obesity and get fit. With fitness apps for their mobile devices, anyone who wants to switch to a healthier lifestyle has the tools they need readily available to them. For much of recent history technology has played a big role in humankind’s effort to shed pounds and develop strength and stamina. Examples of this include the modern gym with its weight machines, and the many late night infomercials that promise a perfectly toned body with the help of a machine. Now, the mobile devices have provided a whole […]

Aug 30 2013

8 Things Android Tablets And Phones Do Better

Share it now!There are 8 crucial points that you should keep in mind when try to decide between an android tablet or phone and any other device.  These 8 points are things that android tablets or phones are recognized as doing better.  These points are actually very important when you think about what you are going to be doing on the phone or tablet. Browsing the Internet If you have a favourite web browser on your computer you may feel more comfortable using it on your android device as well.  On certain devices you are unable to download apps that […]

Aug 30 2013

Answering Your Mobile Feature Questions

Share it now!Shopping around for a new mobile phone and not sure about all those new features? Today we’re answering all the questions you have about mobile phone features and what you need. From 4g versus 3g phones to octo-core processors, we’ve got your answers right here, so keep reading! What’s a Smart Screen? Smart screens are a pretty big new feature that we’re seeing on top end mobiles. Basically, the phone uses the front facing camera to track your eye movement. The device then uses this information to make sure that the screen doesn’t switch off or hibernate when […]

Aug 28 2013

6 Truly Time-Saving Apps For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor Apps

Share it now! Staying on top of real estate investment opportunities today requires being connected to the digital realm, and there are a number of must-have smart phone apps that every real estate investor needs to have on his or her phone. Whether an investor is an old pro at making purchases or whether someone is just getting into the real estate investment game, having these apps will help any investor to make smart decisions. 1. Property Evaluator The beginning and end of real estate investment is making a profit, and this app helps with the analysis of whether a […]

Aug 28 2013

The Top 5 New Business Mobile Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

Share it now!There are a lot of applications available that you may be familiar with to help with your business ventures. But while some people rely on some the apps that they see when they look at the top lists of the app store, there are also plenty of other lesser known app choices that can be helpful for businesses. Here is a list of the top five new business apps that you didn’t know existed and how they can help your business. Buffer Chances are that you are using social media to boost your business. But if you are […]

Aug 25 2013

Keeping Your Car In Great Condition – Four Apps To Help With The Process

Car Android App

Share it now! Whether you own one car and are seeking to keep on top of scheduled repairs and maintenance, or are managing a fleet consisting of dozens of vehicles, the same thing is usually desired: efficiency, cost savings and reliability. Before the age of all-inclusive technology, documenting and keeping track of all of this information was difficult and at times messy. Today, however, there are a number of mobile applications that can assist drivers and managers in ensuring that their vehicles are receiving the proper treatment. Below, we will be discussing four apps that everyday drivers and fleet managers […]

Aug 24 2013

Three Apps For Cost Savings On Your Next Driveway Or Patio

Patio Android App

Share it now! From the dawn of time, human beings have been rather preoccupied with their own territory and property. Whether it was a cave or a modern home in a quiet subdivision, the fact remains that we view our properties as a symbol of prosperity and peace. Without a steady roof over our heads, self-confidence and opportunities for success decline markedly. Many people want to ensure that their homes remain valuable and as such, use a variety of different home improvement projects to improve property values and add to the home’s appeal. A new driveway, patio or parking space […]

Aug 23 2013

Daily Biorhythm

daily biorhythm cycle

Share it now!What’s the best day to do an exam, have a date, or to work out in the gym? Use Daily Biorhythm Light to find out by seeing your biorhythm. Biorhythms are a method to predict cycles in your life based upon your birthday. These cycles are the physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuition cycle. Each of these cycles goes through different phases: high, low, and critical. Using the Daily Biorhythm Light Android App, you can see your biorhythm for today, for a day in the past, or in the future. You can easily see when your cycles are high […]

Aug 23 2013

Two Neat New Google Gadgets

Share it now!You may not have noticed with all the talk of Apple’s iOS 7 and possibly a new iPhone, but Google has been developing some impressive new gadgets lately also. The press event in San Francisco on July 24th was a big day for Google to unveil what they have been working on. Chromecast The most noteworthy is the HDMI device that allows you to stream content from your computer directly to your television – the Chromecast. The small USB-sized device is very simple to use; all you do is plug Chromecast into the HMDI port on your HDTV, […]