May 30 2014

Scratch Protector


Share it now!“Scratch Protector” does exactly what its name says, it will protect your smartphone from small scratches that occur in certain situations. Our analysis shows that most of the scratches on your phone happen when it vibrates on a rough surface, as it’s the case when you put it to charge (how many times you left it charging on the floor?). “Scratch Protector” prevents small scratches by automatically disabling vibration when your smartphone is being charged. As soon as you plug it out, the app will automatically switch to the initial state (i.e. vibration/ringer or vibration only) thus you […]

May 30 2014

Color Photo Edit


Share it now!With “Color Photo Edit” you can create awesome photos with a single tap in less than one second. A plethora of color effects and tools will allow you to generate fantastic pictures, limited only by your imagination. Color Photo Edit is a great photo editor and easy to use with features that make it a premium app for a price you can’t argue with (free): – More than 80 color effects to choose from, anything you could think of from atmosphere to lava, pixelate, popsicolors or even cartoons. – Layer tool that lets you “stitch” images using 12 […]

May 29 2014

Stop Contacts


Share it now!Stop Contacts is the easiest way to stop unwanted incoming calls. More info: Video: Play Store: Lite version: Features: Easy switch ON / OFF StopContacts can block incoming call. When the lock is red, the service is running; otherwise you see an Android icon. Contacts Selection Check the contact and touch the “Save” button. You can stop the incoming calls from numbers not registered in your contacts. Time Settings Schedule StopContacts activation selecting the hours, the days of week, etc. StopContact block incoming calls based on time settings. Product: Simple & easy to use […]

Sep 27 2013

What Is the Role Of Smartphones In Our Lives?

What Is the Role Of Smartphones In Our Lives?

Share it now! This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit and Android Market Apps . If you would like to place this infographic on your blog, copy and paste the following code. This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit and Android Market Apps .

Sep 26 2013

Which 2013 smartphone is the best for gaming?

Share it now!What makes smart phones so important to us is the fact that they do so many things in our daily lives. Take for example the fact that we can now keep in touch with everybody around us with very little effort. You no longer have to wonder what somebody is up to and can instead instantly message them on their phone to find out or check their statuses on Facebook. Not only this but smart phones also keep us from being bored as they allow us to play a variety of different game types whenever we feel like […]

Sep 24 2013

The Business of Mobile Marketing (Infographic)


Share it now!The business of mobile marketing through the years certainly has an interesting history. As technology has evolved throughout the years, the world is no longer one full of spam and pop ups. Marketing of these products has changed dramatically thanks to society becoming more dependent on them and on technology as a whole. The mobile screen is typically the first one to serve as influence among marketers as adults are now spending more time browsing mobile media than magazines and newspapers. Mobile marketing can be dated back to the middle ages, when town criers were used to spread […]

Sep 22 2013

The Down Side To Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Share it now!You may have heard about cloud computing, and most likely you may have heard great things about it like “it’s the new technology in town,” “it’s the greatest invention since white bread,” “it’s the answer to database problems,” and other such exaggerated praises. To be fair, cloud computing has made life easier for many office workers and business owners. Online answering machines, online Adobe Photoshop, online MS Word Suite and many other software services are delivered affordably and efficiently on cloud servers, and such services are being lapped up by an army of subscribers. Now, the naysayers and […]

Sep 22 2013

Manage Your Money With Five Great Finance Apps

Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator

Share it now!The first step towards ensuring a positive financial outlook is to manage money in a more efficient manner. With the quality and depth of financial applications available on both iOS and Android, smartphones are a great way to ensure that you are on top of all financial situations. Here is a look at six great applications that will help you manage your money, or get more information about bad credit home loans. 5. Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator Price: Free Available: iOS and Android This application is designed to help people calculate what their mortgage possibilities are. There […]

Sep 20 2013

The Most Unbelievable Mobile Insurance Claims

Share it now!There is the sublime and then there is the ridiculous. And, when it comes to mobile insurance claims, there really are some out there that are utterly ridiculous. We all have had that horrid moment when we realise we have lost our phone or when we drop it in our drink and stare blankly knowing it will never be the same again. We quickly pick up our friends phone and call our mobile insurance company to file a claim. But there are some stories out there that are, well, almost unbelievable.  Here are just a few examples of […]

Sep 19 2013

Instagram Vs. Vine: Who Will Be The Victory?

Share it now!When it comes to apps that let people trade short images and videos there’s basically nothing that kids love better. These sites both started at about the same time and they fill similar niches. What makes it even more interesting is that the parent companies are also major competitors since Vine is owned by Twitter and Instagram is put out by Facebook. So the question is, which service really is better and which service will win out in the end? Here are a few areas where the foes will be doing battle. Video Length Instagram allows you to […]

Sep 19 2013

The Rapid Growth of Mobile Technology (Infographic)

the rapid growth of mobile technology

Share it now!Mobile technology started as a far-fetched dream in the early twentieth century. At a time when most households were having their first land line installed, mobile phones were considered futuristic, even utopian, technology. The first primitive form of wireless phone was developed by Germans at the end of World War I. Slightly later mobile phone-type devices were primarily used to allow well-heeled rail passengers to communicate with the outside world. The next jump in mobile technology occurred in the 1940s, when “car phones” came on the market for the very wealthy who also happened to reside in big […]

Sep 18 2013

5 Of The Top 10 Mobile Phones Of 2013

Share it now!Each year we anxiously await the release of the latest and greatest mobile smart phones.  While we don’t have time to review the entire list of the top 10 mobile phones for this year, we will be reviewing the top 5 contenders: the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S/iPhone 6, HTC M7, Nokia Lumina 940 and the Blackberry 10 touchscreen. The Eye-Tracking Samsung Galaxy S4 Barely one year old, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is making room for the S4.  Although it may seem premature to debut a new phone so soon, the S4 is going to make quite a […]

Sep 17 2013

Avoid Photo Cropping in Instagram with Insta Square Maker.

Insta Square Maker

Share it now!As many of you already know, Instagram will crop landscape or portrait photos. Many photos look good in this format, but sometimes every inch of your rectangle photo is important and you don’t want to cut it off. Insta Square Maker is a simple and easy to use application which solves this problem. With this app you can upload your entire photo to Instagram without having to crop away any piece of it. It just puts frames around photos to make them square shaped. With Insta Square Maker  you can also change frame color, zoom the photo and […]

Sep 16 2013

Sony Xperia Z1 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

Share it now!Everywhere you look, it seems that mobile phone manufacturers are creating their own flagship devices. The success of the iPhone and Samsung smartphone lines is being challenged by phones like the Motorola Razr HD, the Nokia Lumia 920, and now the Sony Xperia Z1, announced to the world this month. The Xperia Z1′s main competition is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S4. The two phones have many similarities that invite comparison. Can Sony’s device stand up against a manufacturing giant like Samsung? Let’s take a look at what’s in store. Design The Sony Xperia Z1 went with […]

Sep 16 2013

What’s the Future Of Retail Business (Infographic)

What’s The Future Of Retail Business

Share it now!Most of people these days have become digital technologists by osmosis. If we look back analytically over the past 30 years, by means of benefit of hindsight we can see just how much our lifestyles or taste has been changed inordinately according to the digital technologies. On the basis of new technology, we have a natural inclination to think of ourselves as novices. Now if we step back and remember the old moment we got embraced and give ourselves more credit while adapting the changes which are introduced to us over the decades. We use these new technologies […]

Sep 15 2013

Benefits Of Cross-Platform App Development

Most used Mac apps

Share it now!App developers today need to carefully consider the platforms they target and the opportunities that come with each platform. It is much more common these days to focus on one platform first and then move on to the others. Developing your app to be compatible cross-platform is really important and has many advantages to it. Here are some of the best benefits of cross-platform app development that should make you consider it when you are creating an app. Easier To Get Into It might sound a bit odd but developing cross-platform apps can actually be much easier than […]

Sep 13 2013

4 Amazing Apps That Make Home Decorating Easy


Share it now!Decorating a home is a task that often comes with its own rewards; nothing is quite as satisfying as creating the ideal home. Unfortunately, this is usually easier said than done if one does not have a clear picture of the completed room and the proper tools to get the job done. The following apps are just what every home decorator needs; the handy tools ensuring anyone can transform a humble house into the perfect home. ColorSmart Nothing brings a room together quite like the right color scheme, but successfully envisioning the finished room in the selected colors […]

Sep 11 2013

The Top Chat Apps Of The Week

WhatsApp application

Share it now!When it comes to phone applications, chat apps can constitute an interesting way to have fun and meet new people. Chat applications are extremely easy to install and you can use them wherever you are, no matter you are home, in a public location, at school or anywhere else. You do not need to be at home using your personal computer or laptop in order to have fun and you can read the latest news and updates regarding the topics and domains you are interested in. There are many chat applications available to download and install, but not […]

Sep 11 2013

Are Android Fashion Apps The Answer To Your Style Dilemma?

Share it now!  If you have a taste for stylish clothes and accessories, you probably spend many an hour at your local retail mall visiting the shops on offer. As well as being a nice experience, you can often find the odd gem hiding in the recesses of these outlets. But don’t you occasionally get fed up of the stuck up attitude displayed by the precious shop assistants? How about trying out a new and fresh approach to this enjoyable interest? The Android Market has a myriad of cool fashion apps that are only too happy to offer their help […]

Sep 10 2013

The New Social Kid On The Block: ‘Voxle – local social network’


Share it now!Social networking is here to stay. There was a time when if one wanted to socially network with his/her peers, they had to physically go to land based meeting points. This still exists today, but technology has gone ahead and made it much easier for people with busy lives to still meet and socialize locally. Enter ‘Voxle – local social network’. This new Android app is the next best thing as far as social networking is concerned. It is simple to use, easy to instal and absolutely secure. You retain complete control of the information you share. What […]