Aug 16 2013

5 Wedding Apps Every Future Bride Needs In Her Collection

Wedding Apps

Share it now! Who doesn’t love planning their wedding? From the moment your boyfriend slips a ring on your finger you have a lot of work to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be hard. Not if you do it right, and you’re lucky because there are some cool apps that can help you get prepared. We’re going to take a look at them in case you think you need a little extra help. You want to keep on top of everything because you will enjoy your wedding day a lot more. Gift Registry 360 You won’t have […]

Aug 15 2013

Tips When Dealing With Phone Damage

Phone Damage

Share it now!Your iPhone is sleek, shiny – and fragile. While rubber cases can help, a drop onto the sidewalk, hiking trail, or kitchen floor can still cause serious damage to your phone. When faced with such a drop, stay calm and use these tips to deal with any phone damage. Don’t worry – in most cases, you can repair the damage successfully at minimal cost. Check Functionality: First things first: Try turning your phone on and check to see that everything works. Test several apps and make a call to ensure that both the internal components and voice capabilities are […]

Aug 14 2013

4 Birthday Apps For Kids

Baby’s Birthday Party Android App

Share it now!Real birthday party happiness, virtual birthday party fun, pre-birthday party countdown and post-birthday gloom, whatever the occasion is, birthday is one word children love. Once it’s over, they take a while to get distracted by something else. Thus, for all those parents who cannot bear to let their child face post birthday party glumness, here is a list of apps you can download for them. They will never be disappointed and nor will you: Baby’s Birthday Party: Party planning for beginners, this fun app lets the child organise his/her own birthday party, virtually. It is a great app […]

Aug 14 2013

Why Should I Buy A Retro Mobile Phone?

Share it now!Retro mobile phones is a fairly new niche in the market, but a rapidly growing one. If you’re a seller, there’s a lot of money to be made on old electronics. As far as mobile phones go, the older the better. Vintage models of mobile phones are now selling for hundreds of pounds. And by vintage, we don’t just mean an old iPhone 3, but phones from twenty to twenty five years ago. Smart phones are not retro, but old model Nokia and Motorola phones are. But why is this such a rapidly growing market? There are many […]

Aug 12 2013

Hong Kong Based Businessman Buys A Diamond Encrusted IPhone 5 For $15M

iPhone 5

Share it now!Often you wonder what you would do if you were one of the richest people in the world. Well if you happen to be one of the lucky few incredibly rich people you can easily spend a whopping $15 Million on a smart phone. This is not your typical kind of phone, it is encrusted with gold and diamonds imagine that! Several companies specialize in making expensive mobile phones and one such company is Vertu. This company is known for making phones encrusted with precious metals and stones such as gold, platinum, sapphire and gemstones. With increase in […]

Aug 12 2013

The Best Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S3 Black

Samsung Galaxy S3

Share it now!If you have decided to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3 Black, then you will want to make sure that you take good care of it. The best way to protect your investment is to buy a dedicated case that is designed exclusively for the Galaxy S3 Black. As you begin to search for the perfect case, you will realize that these cases are available in many different styles and colours. You can be assured that no matter what type of case you choose for your phone, it will protect your mobile device from all of the bumps and […]

Aug 09 2013

Create A Database That Is Envied By Your Competitors With The Help Of These 3 Apps!

Share it now!One of the most important and effective ways for reaching out to your target audience is email marketing. Every email marketer must know that the key to converting a potential customer to a customer is the connection you create. One of the ways you can create a connection with the customers is to customize the mail as per the person you are trying to reach. Living in the age that we do, information about someone is available at just a few clicks. What you need to do is assimilated all this information then build a strong database that […]

Aug 08 2013

Give New Life To Your Bathroom With These Three Apps

Bathroom Android Apps

Share it now! One of the most intimate areas of the home, the bathroom can be a retreat, resort and humble abode within any living space. We often wish to make our bathrooms comfortable and inviting, but older homes may be designed with a less than ideal aesthetic in this regard. In the past, the services and materials needed to restore or renovate a bathroom were costly and often required professional assistance due to a lack of information on the subject. These days, however, technology has made it possible for mobile phone users to take advantage of recent developments and […]

Aug 07 2013

Go Go World

Go Go World

Share it now!From a small Spanish indie studio, comes Go Go World, a platformer or “Runner” Android game with horizontal scrolling, where you will explore the most famous cities and places in the world, stealing gold coins. The game has a very classic style with very easy controls, with only one button on the screen. Tap anywhere on the screen, our character jumps, tapping twice will perform a double jump to reach higher platforms. The correct use of these two kinds of jump will collect more coins and avoid falling into the water, at which point your character dies and […]

Aug 07 2013

An Ode To The Incredible Versatility Of Android – And The Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With It

Android Apps

Share it now! When Android phones first started gaining popularity, Steve Jobs reportedly said he would make it his mission to stamp them out. But while he and some Apple aficionados see Android as a ‘copy’ of iOS, that is in fact completely missing the point. Android is something far more powerful and transformative than iOS, which is probably a big part of the reason that Samsung has just overtaken Apple in terms of profitability (Android devices first outnumbered iOS devices long ago now). Android of course is a free and open operating system that right away places it in […]

Aug 06 2013

5 Real Estate Apps To Pay Attention To

Real Estate Apps

Share it now! Information is key for folks looking to buy or sell a home, and today’s mobile app programs have also entered into the field with valuable tools for both sides of the transaction. With the assistance of a smart phone a buyer can quickly pull down information on comparable pricing, potential mortgage payments and property tax hits, mortgage rate fluctuations prior to filing a loan application and more. Even more important, mobile apps can now provide powerful access to listing information for both buyers and sellers, quickly changing the potential landscape for a purchase in the works. Some […]

Aug 06 2013

Need Online Storage Let These Three Cloud Storage Apps Help You

Cloud Storage

Share it now! So many advancements have occurred in the world of data storage over the past few decades that it can be hard to consider just how far we have come. From vinyl records to 8-tracks, from cassettes and CDs to digital storage of a completely different kind, it is mind-boggling to consider how streamlined and efficient data storage and retrieval is in the modern day. When you compare this to the past – particularly in terms of how costly and inefficient many of these methods were – you wonder how you lived without these modern data marvels. One […]

Aug 05 2013

The Best Education Apps For You And Your Kids

Best Books for Tweens

Share it now!Forcing your kids to learn about the things that they need to learn about has always been a pain, especially during the summer when they are away from the rigors of teachers and their own school. Everyone, especially kids, needs something to do during the summer besides simply having fun playing video games, swimming, or other leisure activities; kids need something to keep their brains active so that they will be ready once more when the next school year rolls around. Fortunately, with the advent of smartphones, there are various kinds of apps within the marketplace that can […]

Aug 04 2013

Categories Word Game

Categories Word Game

Share it now!This new Android game is presented to revolutionize your mobile: it’s difficult, exciting, and extremely competitive. If you like word games, you will love Categories Word Game, in which you will play games with 1, 2 or up to 3 opponents! Each game is 3 rounds, and each round lasts 3 minutes. Probably, at first you may find it some what complicated but as you play a few games you’ll see that it becomes more addictive. You must write down a word or term that fits each of the 12 categories and starts with the same letter. When […]

Aug 03 2013

3D Home App: Feel The Real Time Immersive 3D Experience In your Phone Desktop

3d Home

Share it now!One good thing about the Android operating system and the Android smartphones nowadays is its ability to become fully customizable solely depending on the preferences of its user. From the fully customizable icon, app shortcuts and widgets to the home screen itself, there is really no telling what other amazing things the Android operating system and its smartphones can do. And when talking about customizable home screens, Android of course has hundreds and thousands of different applications that would not only give its user a sense of customized ownership but a different kind of user experience as well […]

Aug 03 2013

5 Wonderful VoIP Apps Available For Android Users


Share it now!Communication technology has certainly come a long way over the last few years. Do you remember when you couldn’t call someone unless you were in your home? I don’t know what we’d do without mobile phones, especially since everyone always seems to have one glued to their face these days. The big problem with mobiles is the cost, depending on who you call. There is a new player in town and it means business. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, and it gives you the ability to connect with someone online. When someone is using the same […]

Aug 01 2013

Is A Dual SIM Phone The Answer To High Roaming Charges?

Share it now!For people who take their mobiles out of the country, mobile roaming can be a nightmare. Whether you are travelling for a fortnight on holiday, travel regularly on business, or are just a frequent traveller in general, being without a mobile can be more than an inconvenience. However, travelling with a mobile can bring huge mobile phone bills. Today we’re talking about mobile roaming choices, so, if you’re thinking about taking your phone out of the UK, here’s everything that you need to know. The Cheapest Option By far the absolute cheapest option, although one that’s not quite […]

Jul 31 2013

Find Your Car Quickly With These Three Apps

Android Parking Apps

Share it now! If you have just arrived back from vacation and are not used to living in the airport, then you may be a bit disoriented and not remember where you parked your car. Especially a problem in larger airports, the act of finding your way out of the airport is one matter – remembering where you parked is quite another. In the past, this required memorization of the lot and aisle in which you parked, which might or might not be fresh in your head after a week or more of travel or vacation. Thankfully, technology has allowed […]

Jul 31 2013

5 Very Cool Bike Racing Games Available For Android Phones And Tablets

Android Bike Racing Games

Share it now! Whenever anyone talks about racing games they usually mean the ones where you’re racing cars. Those are a lot of fun, but bike racing games don’t get enough credit. Even if you don’t own a motorbike you will enjoy playing them. If your wife has banned you from buying a real bike an Android game is probably the closest you’ll get to riding one. There are actually quite a lot of games on the market at the moment that you’re sure to love, so let’s check a few of them out. Some of them are completely different, […]

Jul 30 2013

What’s holding Android gaming back

Android Game

Share it now! The global mobile industry is now dominated by Android platform. The initial quarter of 2013 has seen that around 75% of the world’s mobile devices ran on Google’s mobile platform. Regardless of these figures Android is still under pressure making its presence felt in the ever growing gaming market. Although there are many great games available on this platform, the developers get mainly concerned due to the low in-app profits, piracy and patchy hardware. If we look into the downloaded apps category, Google’s mobile OS holds the largest share mainly because of the total number of android […]