Jun 14 2014



Share it now!Hi, We’ve recently released our 7th app for Android, “Spataps” ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KloppeMedia.Spataps ), a shoot’em up action game with modern gameplay and intriguing graphics. In “Spataps” the goal is to survive as much as possible by flying your spaceship through dangerous blocks while shooting down enemy ships. With unique graphics and easy gameplay “Spataps” lets you control your ship with simple tap-to-fly actions reminiscent of a more popular flappy game. The game is a mix of fun and frustratingly addictive action that gives you access to features such as these ones: – Innovative graphics and effects that for […]

Jun 14 2014

New runner – Umbrella Fly!


Share it now!Have you ever tried flying on the umbrella? Never? Umbrella Fly by InsApps makes it possible for the player. In some regards it succeeds at conveying the peaceful, silent atmosphere it’s going for. However, some level design issues also make the game not realistic enough. Umbrella Fly is an runner/simulation game where player is on his own to beat the challenge of avoiding the enemy asteroids, rockets and other objects. Main hero is falling in the sky and with his umbrella is helping him to stop in front of obstacles, collect coins. Umbrella Fly‘s gameplay is divided into […]

Jun 13 2014

Space Garbage


Share it now!Hi, We’re a small indie game studio and recently released our 6th Android game called “Space Garbage” ( http://www.d14studios.com/Space_Garbage.html ), a space survival game where the goal is to avoid the space floating debris. The goal in “Space Garbage” is very simple: survive in space! The longer you travel, the more objects will come right at your ship and will become more and more difficult to avoid them. You also need to be careful not to hit the force fields at the top and bottom of the screen! Your spaceship has five upgrades which can be activated only […]

Jun 13 2014

Digging Deep


Share it now!Get your tapping finger ready because it is time to be Digging Deep! This game will test your reaction reflexes as it is moving at a very fast pace and forces you to avoid dangers while you dig deep and uncover diamonds and other treasures. In “Digging Deep” the goal is to mine before the time runs out and gather as many diamonds as possible while collecting power-ups and treasures as well. Just be sure to avoid the steel spikes and advance fast before time runs out. Here’s some of the features that make “Digging Deep” a fun […]

Jun 13 2014



Share it now!Hi, I represent play.im, a company that develops innovative games for various platforms and our network recently reached more than 25 million unique users per month. Encouraged by the success of our games for other platforms we have released “CrazyBox” ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.yepi.CrazyBox ), an addictive platformer game for Android. “CrazyBox” features an unique design with hand-drawn environments and an addictive gameplay that will put your mind and hand-eye coordination to the ultimate test. “CrazyBox” has 25 levels that grow exponentially in difficulty and where the only certainty is that you will die a lot and most likely fast. […]

Jun 12 2014

Sport Eyes


Share it now!Hi, We’ve recently released our second Android app called “Sport Eyes” ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.supergang.fifa ), a vote game celebrating FIFA World Cup 2014. Do you like to bet on sports without actually losing any money? Sport Eyes will let you do just that, it’s a voting game where you choose a team that you think will win for each match and see if you actually get your predictions right. You don’t bet real money, just virtual coins and even better, if you get all game predictions right you will actually win a real MacBook Air (plus 10 T-shirts). “Sport […]

Jun 12 2014

OnGuardHelp Personal Safety app


Share it now!App Name: OnGuardHelp Cost: FREE Company name: Guardian Help, Inc Category: Lifestyle Version: 1.4 Size: 2.3M Compatibility: Android 2.2 and up Video Link:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAGo_QepN8E Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ghelp Description : When Seconds Count ……. Count on OnGuardHelp! Never be alone with help just a tap away. Guardian Help, Inc. is presenting a mobile software application called OnGuardHelp. This mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) APP is designed to enhance personal safety and provide immediate help in a non-emergency as well as emergency situation. OnGuardHelp is a simple, easy to use, and feature-rich personal safety app designed specifically for […]

Jun 11 2014

Ambulance Simulator


Share it now!Hi, I’m an indie game developer and recently released my fifth Android game called “Ambulance Simulator” ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Halim.ambulance ), a car game that puts your parking skills to test. Ambulance drivers have to master driving and parking skills as most of the times they need to reach a difficult location. In “Ambulance Simulator” you get to experience how difficult it is to drive and park an ambulance, but you also get to have fun with its realistic controls. This game allows you to control your ambulance in a real parking lot by using an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration/brake […]

Jun 10 2014

The menu to a successful restaurant app according to judo pay


Share it now! Demand for judo’s services continues to rise rapidly as more British consumers and businesses are focusing on mobile devices to sell goods and make purchases.   Judo’s ready-to-install payment processing platform is specifically built from the ground up for mobile. It can be integrated into an app or mobile web site allowing users to pay by entering card details in a simple secure way whilst processing the payment quickly and efficiently Michael de jongh, VP of Marketing for judo said: ‘Take a look around your restaurant, how many of your customers are on their mobile phone? If […]

Jun 09 2014

Rainforest Solitaire Free


Share it now!Play addictive beautiful classic solitaire TriPeaks in the tropical forest and show your card skills! Challenge yourself in 20 levels with increasing difficulty. Remove all cards by selecting open cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower than the open card. Click on the stock to get a new open card. The joker can be used for any card! Good luck! Info: http://android-games-free.com/ Android App URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.RainForestSolitaireFree  

Jun 08 2014

Live Football World Cup 2014


Share it now!Are you a Football fan who does not want to miss a single update about this year’s Football World cup? This app lets you watch and stream Live Online Football Matches in your native language with One Click bypassing all geo, network and ISP restrictions. No matter wherever you are, be it school, office, overseas or in travel, you just cannot miss any match of this World Cup. “Live Football World Cup 2014” lets you cherish the football fever that this Soccer World Cup Brazil Edition is going to bring. That’s not all. You can have all the […]

Jun 08 2014

Paul the Octopus Vs Tiago (Fish Vs Technology) – world cup app


Share it now!Football fans are known for turning to a range of unlikely sources to foretell their teams fortunes. Who can forget Paul the Octopus in the 2010 World Cup? Paul shot to worldwide fame with his accurate predictions of Germany’s matches but as they say you’re only as good as your last success, who remembers Leon the porcupine? Quite. Introducing…… Tiago the Turtle, as animal oracles go he’s the top of the tree, or should that be king of the sea? This seafaring prognosticator is mean green and he picks the right team! Fronting an app which uses powerful […]

Jun 06 2014



Share it now!I represent Frequency Networks and we have just launched the Android version of the critically acclaimed “Frequency” app ( http://www.frequency.com/ ), a personal video service that lets you watch the internet. We were encouraged to release an Android version based on the success of the iOS version which received the Editor’s Choice by the iTunes App Store and chosen as one of the Top 100 Websites of 2013 by PC Magazine. Frequency gives its users the ability to create customized channel line-ups that are tailored to their interests. The free service also brings together video from just about […]

Jun 06 2014



Share it now!  Game Name : DEAD ASSAULT 3D we can have Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Tn3Kl868Yc Game Category : Action Games Description: Download DEAD ASSAULT 3D and Play your new “FREE” game on Android Google Play! Play an action packed shooting game in a city hospital environment surrounded by zombie. Play the game in arcade mode or objective mode. Practice your shooting skills in arcade zone. Choose your favorite commando to enter mission. Your mission is to save the patients and kill all zombies. Play and complete all challenging combat with exciting levels and gun upgrades. Earn new badges and medals […]

Jun 04 2014



Share it now!Radiodile is the world’s first custom streaming radio app powered by SoundCloud and last.fm. Radiodile features our patent-pending “Variety Dial” technology – you decide how varied the music should be with a simple radio dial: turn right for more variety or left to listen only the core artist(s) that you specifically selected for your station. Create custom radio stations tailored to your musical taste. Radiodile helps you say goodbye to Radio Ga-Ga by giving you total control with its hardcore, control-freak features you can’t find anywhere else. Here’s just a few reasons why you should start using Radiodile: […]

Jun 02 2014

AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock


Share it now!AMdroid is a smart alarm clock that improves morning routines. It is fully customizable and adapts to modern-day needs. You can choose how to be notified from an unlimited set of alarm profiles, set up recurring alarms or one-time alarms and even countdown alarms (i.e. for afternoon power naps). By installing AMdroid you will be able to improve your wake-up routines as it offers more features than your standard alarm clock: – Automatically recognizes off-days by downloading a list of public holidays for your country and stays “quiet” for those holidays – No easy snooze to avoid oversleeps. […]

Jun 01 2014

Color Comets – Available on Google play


Share it now!SAVE THE WORLD FROM THE INCOMING COMETS Colored space rocks approach the earth and you must protect us from them! Use the rockets to destroy the comets of the same color. DON’T LET THEM DESTROY YOUR SHIELD Each comet that hits your shield sightly weakens it. A few hits and the game is over! COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS Each comet you destroy will give you a few stars. Get many of them so your star can reach higher than your friends’! DOWNLOAD https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PepiGames.ColorComets  

May 31 2014

Ocean Hunt, the ultimate ocean fishing adventure for Android and iOS


Share it now!We’re an indie game development studio called Won-O-Soft and we recently released our seventh game called “Ocean Hunt” ( http://www.won-o-soft.com/index.php/games/ocean-hunt ), the ultimate ocean hunting experience. Get your spear ready and try to catch Moby Dick, hopefully with more success than Captain Ahab. In “Ocean Hunt” you use your fishing skills to become the ultimate ocean hunter and reel in the big fish. With very simple controls, the goal is to shoot your spear at the swimming fish and once caught to reel them back up quickly to avoid losing them. It’s a fast paced arcade game where […]

May 30 2014

Pure Tones


Share it now!This is the first app to play microtonal scales and use just intonation ratios. It comes with 30 scales by default and scales can be modified. It also allows users to create new original ones. Other cool tools for musicians included in this app are scale harmonization and finding scales that can be used over specific notes or chords. There’s a limited free version to try it out, and then the full version which is only $2.99. Check it out and have some fun! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sgl.ji  

May 30 2014

Scratch Protector


Share it now!“Scratch Protector” does exactly what its name says, it will protect your smartphone from small scratches that occur in certain situations. Our analysis shows that most of the scratches on your phone happen when it vibrates on a rough surface, as it’s the case when you put it to charge (how many times you left it charging on the floor?). “Scratch Protector” prevents small scratches by automatically disabling vibration when your smartphone is being charged. As soon as you plug it out, the app will automatically switch to the initial state (i.e. vibration/ringer or vibration only) thus you […]