Jul 15 2013

Top Five Must Have Android Tablet Apps?

Share it now!The fun of a well run app keeps us all on high alert, some look for pure necessity or convenience apps to simplify their worlds, other just want to have fun. Some might say that it has taken android longer than expected to catch up to apple when it comes to tablet quality optimized apps, and they would be right. Today we will shed light on five quality apps well worth the wait and every tablet user must have. To get the most out of your electronics is only a reasonable request. What took Android so long to […]

Jul 15 2013

2Remember: Memorize on the go

2 remember 2

Share it now!2Remember is a mobile application which creates complex memories. Nowadays, we are overwhelmed by lots of documents in different categories related to personal and professional life – as (non-exhaustive list): personal docs, bills, invoices, contracts, memos, lists, certificates, ID cards etc. To memorize them is important for reasons like book-keeping, business and private life organization, trip planning etc. Taking notes is the most popular way, but it is a question of personal accuracy. Often is difficult to find and get access to important documents on the right time due to chaotic storage, defective media, incompatible file formats, etc. […]

Jul 15 2013

4 Of The Best Android Apps For 21st Century Drivers

Share it now!Whether you drive a racing car or a family saloon, there are lots of car related apps available for download in the Google Play store. Some are designed to help you manage your car expenses whereas others can help you avoid speed cameras or prevent you from losing your vehicle in the parking lot. So, if you are looking to combine motoring with apps, there are a few apps you may wish to try. MyCar Locator Ever forgot where you left your car in the mall parking lot? This is a particularly vexing problem and surprisingly common if […]

Jul 14 2013

Redoing Your House? – Take The Help Of These Inspiration Providers To Make It An Easy Process!

Share it now!Home is the most beautiful word there is. This is probably why we put in so many efforts in making it look as beautiful. We keep looking for new ways to deck it up and make it look more appealing. With the advent of technology right inside our homes, this has become easier. Now we don’t have to look far away for inspiration. The not so modest Smartphone can aid you in this quest. Shedding some more light on this, we have listed 3 mobile apps to help you with the decoration – If you want to get […]

Jul 13 2013

Hang w/


Share it now! Hang w/ – now available on iPhone, iPad & Android! Meet Hang w/ – the first and only app where you can Hang w/ your favorite people in a live real-time video sent from one phone to many, from anywhere at anytime. Hang w/ features cutting-edge technology that empowers you to stream and broadcast live high-quality video. In just three short months Hang w/ has seen nearly 300,000 downloads and over one million broadcasts. The app features several famous musicians, athletes and actors including Kaskade, Timbaland, Venus Williams, Cheech and Chong, and Jamie Kennedy. Download Hang w/ […]

Jul 13 2013

Four Apps For Home Beauty Recipes

Share it now!In the pursuit of beautiful skin, we often seek out any and all remedies that may restore elasticity, firmness and a glowing shine to our otherwise less than perfect skin. From homemade facials to deep cleansing masks, a variety of tips and tricks exist to help us better prepare our skin for evenings out, social events and day-to-day life. Unfortunately, many of these recipes and treatments were unheard of in the past due limited technology and the ability for said information to be distributed. These days, though, a variety of mobile applications exist to help users find all […]

Jul 12 2013

Avoid Woes At The Dry Cleaner With These Four Apps

Share it now! For some of us, the dry cleaner represents everything we dislike about clothing – the precautions that must be taken to avoid damage to our favorite suits and dresses, the amount of time that it takes to clean the clothing and the unexpected mishaps that occasionally happen are all reasons to avoid the dry cleaner altogether. Still, many people rely on the dry cleaner and cannot walk away from the services that they provide. A variety of mobile applications have arrived, however, that can help those who use and do not use the dry cleaner alike ensure […]

Jul 12 2013

Four Great Apps For Finding Properties And Commercial Listings

Share it now!Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a firm that is in pursuit of premium down town office space, the search for a new property can often take time, energy and money that few of us wish to expend. Between open houses, closing costs and bank approvals, it can take months for any offer to be accepted and work its way through the system. Fortunately, those who have had difficulties finding the best properties for their needs will no longer have to struggle or waste time, thanks to mobile technology. Below, we will discuss four apps and […]

Jul 11 2013

Get Your House Back In Order With Android Financial Apps!

Share it now! Making ends meet is no laughing matter and this becomes even more of an uphill struggle when you are raising a family. The days of opportunity seem to have passed us by for now, and the world recession is still the topic of the day. Of course there are some actions that can help us to manage on a daily and even monthly basis, but some of these things are out of our hands. We don’t have the power to modify those hideous interest rate hikes and we certainly can’t make the mortgage companies do away with […]

Jul 10 2013

Tonido File Access Share Sync

tonido 1

Share it now!Tonido Android app auto magically organizes photos, music, videos and and makes it accessible via Android devices from anywhere.  It also streams most video formats (including AVI, MP4, MKV, VOB, XVID and WMV). There is no app in the Google Play store both in free and paid category that can do what Tonido offers for Free (Local and Remote Viewing, Live Transcoding of most video formats). There are also several new features including ability to create music playlists, file download support and more. Tonido Features: – Automatic photo organization – Automatic music organization based on artist, album and […]

Jul 10 2013

No Matter How Many Hours There Are In A Day This Android App Will Guide You Through To A Full Recovery

Share it now! Addiction is a serious matter for those who suffer from it. It makes no difference whether the addiction is alcohol or drug-related, it can have a huge impact on your everyday life, and will not only affect you, also but those around you. Thankfully, due to the technological advancements made in the 21st century there are many ways to cope if you are on the long road to recovery from addiction. Twenty Four Hours a Day Twenty Four Hours a Day is an Android app that mirrors the book written on addiction and recovery by Hazelden. Hazelden […]

Jul 09 2013


my app mentor 1

Share it now!MyAppMentor is a free self-help Android app inspiring people to lead healthier, happier and more successful lives through exercise, nutrition and positive encouragement.  MyAppMentor brings together lifestyle coaches, careers experts and fitness instructors together into one single mobile Android app and works on a simple 3 step process Step 1. Complete a quick questionnaire and psychometric test Step 2. Receives a free physical analysis and personality summary Step 3. Select mentors and coaches to create an individual Life plan Each life plan contains detailed instructions and guides on diet and nutrition, daily workouts and video mentoring tutorials from […]

Jul 09 2013

Discover How To Rid Yourself Of Any Foot-Related Ailment With Nothing More Than Your Smartphone

Share it now!There are over 1 million apps now in the Android and iPhone marketplace, and this figure continues to grow and grow each day. You can find an app on just about any subject and many of these apps are extremely useful, whereas others are nothing more than just plain weird. However, you may be surprised to hear that there is a vast array of apps dedicated to helping those who suffer from foot pain. Granted, these aren’t going completely eradicate professional help and seeking treatment from a podiatrist, but still, you’ll find many different useful treatments for a […]

Jul 08 2013

Flava™ – Note/Journal

flava 1

Share it now!Description: Flava is a free private note/diary Android application with a personal timeline to seize people’s lives by moments. Flava supports the following features: text, photo, voice, video, location data, book/music/movie libraries, URL thematic icon & text tagging in-app PIN lock live photo filter safety back up data using Flava’s cloud service, and much more The strengths of Flava are sleek design, convenience, various features, and most significantly it’s values and missions. Due to the rapidly growing society, people forget about the importance of “the present moment”. Not many individuals remember what he or she felt and did […]

Jul 08 2013

Let Android Teeth Apps Make Your Dentist’s Job A Little Easier!

Share it now! Looking after our teeth is no laughing matter, well it is kind of, but your winning smile requires a lot of regular care. Visiting your dentist twice a year is only the tip of the iceberg, we should brush our lovely teeth two or three times every day. It can be easy to forget this simple routine and to be honest we could use a little help. This is even truer when we have a young family to consider. Our kids’ teeth are extremely vulnerable and they can often become decayed if we don’t keep on top […]

Jul 07 2013



Share it now!Many of us have experienced often the moment when it was necessary to pull out our Android quickly and access the camera. However, it is now at the peak stress, we do not find the camera icon and missing the critical moment. Therefore, to avoid such situations in the future, a new app was developed called Shake. The app allows us to shake the device and as a result run different actions – even when the screen is turned off. As part of the wide range of actions offered by the application that take place during the shaking, […]

Jul 07 2013

DUI Dodger App Reviews

Share it now!About The DUI Checkpoint Finder: iPhone and Android smart phone users have applications for everything from finding the cheapest gas stations to news from around the world. Now, smart phone users have the ability to map out driving routes around DUI checkpoints. This application, called the DUI Checkpoint Finder, allows users to enter their location to find DUI checkpoints within 50 miles of their current location. Using the DUI Checkpoint Finder or DUI Dodger application is not an excuse to drink and drive. Those planning a night out of partying and drinking should plan to use a taxi […]

Jul 06 2013

Considering Plastic Surgery? Before You Go, Check Out These Four Apps

Share it now!Millions of people around the world every year have some form of cosmetic surgery performed in order to look younger and feel better about themselves. The reality, however, is that many cosmetic procedures are performed prior to attempting any natural methods for improving the underlying symptoms or without learning about the extensive process that any cosmetic procedure entails. With many mobile applications now available to inform us on just about anything, it was only a matter of time before we could consult our phones for valuable advice. Below, you will find four apps that offer a mixture of […]

Jul 06 2013

Find Great Rates And Book Your Next Flight With These Four Apps

Share it now! When in pursuit of the best rates on airfare, many people turn to the internet for a solution. In recent years, a variety of companies have emerged that provide airline reservations and price comparison tools in order to help consumers quickly find the best rates and secure their reservations. As this trend has continued, we have seen the movement of many companies toward mobile applications that offer the same services. In the following review, we will discuss four mobile applications that can be used to locate the best airfare in terms of speed and cost. CheapOair Currently […]

Jul 05 2013

Greenhouse Growing 101 – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Growing Plants In Your Greenhouse

Share it now!Greenhouse Growing That Works is an Android app that provides a huge amount of information about growing plants in your greenhouse. Most homes will typically have a back garden and perhaps a front lawn, which are generally covered in grass and surrounded by a few trees. However, many people choose to start growing their own fruits, vegetables and many different kinds of plants and flowers. In fact, one of the most popular hobbies is gardening, although this can be taken to the next level if you own a greenhouse. Greenhouse Growing That Works This handy Android app will […]