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Aug 25 2015

MyMoneyTracker – The best finance management software


1. What is the name of your app? MyMoneyTracker 2. What is the download link for your app and how much does your app cost? Application is free 3. Who is the developer? NikoApp 4. What is the website, facebook, twitter, or any other link for the developer? 5. What does your app do? Please describe the best features of your app. The best money tracker application! It will track your finances in very easy and efficient way to keep your wallet in good shape. Application provides intuitive interface which always contain all what your need in one […]

Aug 04 2015

Save time and nerves on mortgage calculations with Loans & Deposits


1. What is the name of your app?  Loans & Deposits 2. What is the download link for your app and how much does it cost? It’s free with In app Purchases 3. Who is the developer? CoreWillSoft – 4. What is the website, facebook, twitter, or any other link for the developer? 5. What does your app do? Please describe the best features of your app. Our Loans and Deposits app saves your time and nerves and bares all the complex calculations for every possible mortgage you plan to lend or deposit you want to save. We have combined […]

May 29 2015


avaza is a unique online software suite that offers project management & collaboration, timesheets, expense management & invoicing all in one. Hence it is ideal for freelancers, consultants and professional services organisations who tend to mix and match a variety of software from different companies to help run their business. These products suffer from weak integrations, leading to data duplication, manual data entry and poor reporting across business processes. Avaza provides a single integrated view of clients and projects allowing businesses to make better decisions. Avaza brings new functionality to smaller businesses usually only found in large enterprise software […]

Jul 09 2014



Hi, I represent Planwise, a venture backed San Francisco technology company . We have recently released an Android version of Planwise ( ), a free financial decision tool that helps you manage your money wisely that is focused on home affordability. It can be used anonymously or sign up with your email to save your profile and easily re-use your calculations. If you sign up you also get a free access to the complete Planwise web application. It is a powerful financial planning tool that helps you make better financial and investment decisions. Planwise helps with major purchases like […]

Jun 30 2014

Stocks Dividend Tracker


Category: Finance App name: Stocks Dividend Tracker What? Real-time stock search, quotes, charts, and news. Custom stock portfolio Instant daily, monthly dividend stock picks Powerful stock loss, gain calculator Real-time dividend payment calculator Why? Manage, analyze your stocks portfolio. Calculate dividend payment instantly. Easy to use stock gain, loss calculator. Help you make timely, informed, and better stock investing decision. No ads. No log in. No password. No personal information required. Where? App link: Twitter: App landing page:

Jun 20 2014



Hi, I suggest you this handy android free app. MyTokri app creates a comprehensive and pocket friendly shopping for you. Browse hundreds of daily deals from reputable retailers. Save money at your favorite stores with coupon codes. We intend to serve you with the best at the lowest price. Share deals within your social network also. – Discount Coupons on Branded Shoes – Freecharge Coupon Code. – Deals Of The Day. – Amazon India Deals, Flipkart Deals, Myntra etc. – Save 40%-90 with Best Deals

Jun 18 2014

Loan Simulation Pro


Hi, I suggest you this handy android free app. Loan simulator Pro is a simple and complete multilingual (English, French, Spanish and Arabic) loan simulator to help you see what your payment plan will be, for repaying any loan. It allows you to: – Simulate a loan from the duration – Simulate a loan from monthly payments. – Display the global cost of the loan. – Display the insurance ratio of the monthly payments and the global payment. – Simulate a loan with 0% insurance – Display the complete amortization Schedule. – Display The curve of the evolution of […]

Sep 22 2013

Manage Your Money With Five Great Finance Apps

Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator

The first step towards ensuring a positive financial outlook is to manage money in a more efficient manner. With the quality and depth of financial applications available on both iOS and Android, smartphones are a great way to ensure that you are on top of all financial situations. Here is a look at six great applications that will help you manage your money, or get more information about bad credit home loans. 5. Quicken Loans Mortgage Calculator Price: Free Available: iOS and Android This application is designed to help people calculate what their mortgage possibilities are. There are four […]

Sep 06 2013

Mobile Ad Network Millennial Media Acquires Jumptap In ‘Predominantly Stock’ Deal

Mobile Advertising is definitely becoming big business. In 2012 eMarketer reported that the global mobile advertising spend managed to reach a whopping $8.8 billion with Google providing around $4.6 billion of that total alone. eMarketer has also predicted that by the end of 2013 that total will reach an impressive $15.8 billion. In recent news, Millennial Media seems to be quickly climbing to the top of that table now they’ve acquired Jumptap, another rather large mobile advertising network, in what’s been described as a predominantly stock transaction. What this means is that Millennial Media has almost doubled the size of […]

Aug 28 2013

6 Truly Time-Saving Apps For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor Apps

Staying on top of real estate investment opportunities today requires being connected to the digital realm, and there are a number of must-have smart phone apps that every real estate investor needs to have on his or her phone. Whether an investor is an old pro at making purchases or whether someone is just getting into the real estate investment game, having these apps will help any investor to make smart decisions. 1. Property Evaluator The beginning and end of real estate investment is making a profit, and this app helps with the analysis of whether a property will eventually […]

Aug 28 2013

The Top 5 New Business Mobile Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

There are a lot of applications available that you may be familiar with to help with your business ventures. But while some people rely on some the apps that they see when they look at the top lists of the app store, there are also plenty of other lesser known app choices that can be helpful for businesses. Here is a list of the top five new business apps that you didn’t know existed and how they can help your business. Buffer Chances are that you are using social media to boost your business. But if you are still using […]

Jul 28 2013

Stay On Top Of Your Investments With These Four Apps

In this world of chronic economic turmoil, those who stay on top of their investment portfolios and strategies tend to do the best. While long-term investments may be safe in a 401k portfolio, many people have decided to take control of their finances in order to ensure no huge losses are accrued. In the past, it was much more difficult to act quickly in order to prevent a loss, but today’s technology has allowed investors to make quick decisions with accurate information at their disposal. In the following article, we will detail four investment applications that can help users achieve […]

Jul 18 2013

Four Apps For Virtual Stock Trading

There are plenty of people who wish to find ulterior ways in which to earn income, and many in recent years have turned to the stock market in order to meet these goals. In the past, stock market trading was complicated, expensive and often required the services of a broker in order to successfully earn any income. These days, however, technology has made it possible for everyday people to effectively earn revenue via their own investments. If you are on the fence about investing in the stock market, then you may first wish to practice: the following four virtual stock […]

Jul 12 2013

Four Great Apps For Finding Properties And Commercial Listings

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a firm that is in pursuit of premium down town office space, the search for a new property can often take time, energy and money that few of us wish to expend. Between open houses, closing costs and bank approvals, it can take months for any offer to be accepted and work its way through the system. Fortunately, those who have had difficulties finding the best properties for their needs will no longer have to struggle or waste time, thanks to mobile technology. Below, we will discuss four apps and what each […]

Jul 11 2013

Get Your House Back In Order With Android Financial Apps!

Making ends meet is no laughing matter and this becomes even more of an uphill struggle when you are raising a family. The days of opportunity seem to have passed us by for now, and the world recession is still the topic of the day. Of course there are some actions that can help us to manage on a daily and even monthly basis, but some of these things are out of our hands. We don’t have the power to modify those hideous interest rate hikes and we certainly can’t make the mortgage companies do away with their late payment […]

Jul 06 2013

Find Great Rates And Book Your Next Flight With These Four Apps

When in pursuit of the best rates on airfare, many people turn to the internet for a solution. In recent years, a variety of companies have emerged that provide airline reservations and price comparison tools in order to help consumers quickly find the best rates and secure their reservations. As this trend has continued, we have seen the movement of many companies toward mobile applications that offer the same services. In the following review, we will discuss four mobile applications that can be used to locate the best airfare in terms of speed and cost. CheapOair Currently available on the […]

Jul 02 2013

Is It Time To Let Android Help You With Your Investment Portfolio

Many of us like to have a flutter with our cash a little on the stock market, and some of us even do pretty well out of it! As long as you can afford to take a risk with your money and have some informed details regarding the companies you invest in, there is no reason why you can’t have some fun either. One of the hardest facets of investment trading is keeping an accurate track of your stocks and the market as a whole. Thankfully there are some very useful and adaptable investment apps available from Android. If you […]

Jun 27 2013


Ondigo 1

We are all looking for ways to improve productivity in the most simple and effective way possible. ONDiGO is an exciting new tool that does just that – providing a smarter way to interact with your customers. ONDiGO is not a shaved down version of Salesforce. Instead, you get only the relevant information you need when speaking with your customers. Every feature has a valuable purpose. Pulling all the data from your phonebook, ONDiGO lists your contacts without any extra work on your part. Swiping right on a contact gives you the option to label your contact (which you can […]

Jun 25 2013

Bring These Awesome Android Apps To The Business Table!

Nowadays it seems that everybody is talking about ways to get your business running more efficiently and saving money. One way to achieve these objectives is by ensuring that your staff are saving time by using identical toolsets. This enables them to know exactly where everybody is regarding their projects and daily routines. You can simplify issues if your team have clear visibility of the whole department’s current working schedules. Those clever folk over at Android have a number of apps that are aimed at empowering your staff to do exactly that! Please read this article for some of the […]

Jun 08 2013

The Lucrative Business Of App Development

Making apps with Google’s Android platform is both fun and relatively easy. There are plenty of ways to get into the field of app creation, and many people just like to make apps as a hobby. The open source nature of the Android platform allows for a number of unique opportunities. With software develop kits available to much of the Android-owning public, it’s easy to see why creating apps is simple. The real question, however, generally revolves around how to make money with apps that are both inexpensive to make and eminently usable for a wide variety of people. Different […]

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