Aug 07 2011

Copy and Paste from a Note Pad

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I will give 2 ways to perform this.  With the touch screen menu and if a physical keyboard is present.

1.  Place the cursor either before or after the spot you want to copy.  You can do this with the track ball or your finger.

2.  Long click on the curse with either your finger or the track ball until the menu screen pops up.  To long click, hold down your finger on the screen or the track ball.

2a.  If you have a physical keyboard, skip to step 4.

3.  Click on “Select text”.

4.  Highlight the text you want to copy with either your finger or the track ball.

4a. With the physical keyboard, you can use the shift key + track ball to select the text

5.  After you’ve highlighted the text, press the track ball or long click any where on the screen with your finger.  This will bring up another menu and select “Copy” to copy the selected text to the clip board.

5a.  With the physical keyboard press menu + c to copy the text and menu + x to cut the text.

6.  Place the cursor on the spot where you want to paste the text.  Long click with either your finger or track ball and select “Paste”.

6a.  With the physical keyboard press menu + v to paste.

7.  Now the selected text has been copy and pasted

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